DayZ is a 2013 multiplayer open world survival mod designed by dean Hall for ARMA 2. In DayZ you are placed in a post-soviet state of Chernarus, where the majority of the population has turned into zombies. Players spawn with basic gear such as a flashlight and food. When playing you must scavenge for supplies such as weapons, water, good, and medicine. In this game zombies and other in game players can kill you at any time so the whole point of the game is to survive!
Every player knows that if you get killed, it is game over. You spawn on the south end of Chernarus with noting but a flashlight. You have to scavenge for supplies, weapons, and food all over again. Imagine you have been at it for the last 14 hours, scavenging all sorts of weapons, camo, food, and even managing to find yourself a vehicle. Out of no where you start hearing shots being fired, in the mist of the action you start bleeding and break your leg. Everything happens so fast you are overwhelmed and then you get the infamous “You Are Dead” screen. You worked so hard to acquire all of your gear and then in an instant you are back at the south end of the map with a flashlight. Nobody wants that and for all that matters you could have been killed by a hacker.
If you ran into situations like mentioned above numerous times and just tired of always dieing then this hack is for you. By downloading the DayZ Hack Commander you will be able to do just about anything. As soon as you spawn you will be able to browse through the item spawn menu and spawn yourself any weapon you desire. Once you spawned yourself fully automatic machine gun, you need transportation don’t you? No problem, you’ll be able to spawn yourself a car. If you don’t have the patience of driving a car, you will be able to use the teleport script and go anywhere on the map. You won’t have to worry about any players killing you because the Player ESP hack will pinpoint exactly where nearby players are. This hack has endless possibilities, so download it today! Powered by DayZ hack .